8 Healthy DC Lunches That Aren't Sweetgreen

March 20, 2018

 This article was written for TravelBank and can be read in its entirety here.


Within the beltway, the lunchtime crowd has high standards for everything and limited time between congressional hearings or client meetings to grab a bite, let alone check their personal phones. However, lunch is necessary, because happy hour isn’t for another 5 hours.

Here are 8 quick-grab spots that will keep you full and focused for the rest of the workday:


Buredo – DC & Bethesda

This burrito take on sushi will have your mouth watering and your waistline praising you. It’s basically your favorite rolls in a more convenient packaging and overstuffed with all-natural ingredients like fresh fish, seafood and loads of veggies.




Try: Gogo burrito (spicy tuna tartare, avocado, cucumber, cilantro, jicama, coconut flakes, tempura crunch, coconut crema)


Fruitive – City Center

Liquid meals pack a punch of flavor at this District juicery. Everything on the lengthy menu is organic, plant-based and made from scratch. And for those needing more lunchtime sustenance, their solid food options – like the Tuscan Kale Grilled Wrap – will have you leaping out of your desk at 12:00 PM on the dot!



Try: PB No J Superberry Bowl


Fuel up on six more lunch options over on the TravelBank blog.


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