Starting A Travel Blog: Let's Start From the Beginning

January 28, 2017


I'm not someone who keeps a journal. Growing up, I rarely put my innermost thoughts on paper - partly because I have two younger sisters - but because admitting to something in writing makes it that much more real. I'm starting this blog (or more accurately writing random things sporadically online) because I've been funemployed for six months now and if Netflix asks me one more time if I'm still watching, I might go insane. 


So I'm exercising that muscle that ClassPass unlimited (RIP) hasn't been - my brain - and deciding that it's time to finally put the proverbial pen to paper and tell you what I've been doing, where I'm headed next and what exactly I've been doing in NYC and beyond. I promise to always strive to keep my writing better than a blogger we follow (cough cough you know who you are). I can't say that you (hi parents!) want to hear it everything but I'll try to share at least the above average details. I even added a Subscribe Now button, not just because it was a cool add-on, but just in case you care to remain perpetually jealous from behind your desk computer while I travel the world ...


On that note, 5 days until I head to Cuba.




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