5 Ways To Beat The Sunday Scaries

Holiday weekends can lead to some serious Sunday Scaries. The joy of being with family, not checking your email, and having notifications turned off can come crashing down in a matter of seconds when you wake up on Sunday morning.

You know the feeling, pit in your stomach, mind racing over all the things you had on your to-do list last week, frantically checking your email and DM's for client updates... overall, not a good feeling - but it doesn't have to be like this.

Instead of letting the Sunday Scaries win- finish the weekend with a bang AND be ready for Monday with these tips:

Lay out your clothes for Monday

Just like when you were in school! Feeling prepared (and cute) cuts out the apprehension of a new work week. Even if you are working from home, waking up with a plan to change out of your pajamas is a win in my book.

Self-care Sunday

It’s a thing for a reason! Squeeze out the last drops of the weekend in a way that will make you feel refreshed and ready for the week ahead. I’m talking face masks; I’m talking at-home mani pedi. Have your bestie join you for extra fun! Or go the serene route and start a new book, take a bubble bath, do something other than binge watch Netflix and scroll through Instagram.

Meal prep

Whether it's planned for the week or just for a couple special meals. Have something nutritious ready for dinner that you just have to heat up and save yourself some time after work.

Extra tip: Schedule out your grocery delivery for the week. If you know you will need to make a shopping trip mid-week, go through your delivery app and pre-order everything to be delivered Wednesday!


This tip isn't just reserved for Sundays. A 10-minute meditation in the morning helps keep you clear and focused during the day and through the week. No use stressing about tomorrow, be grateful and present for today!

Create your schedule for the upcoming week

Turn your anxiety into productivity! Whether you use a digital calendar or a paper planner, plan or timeblock your week in advance. Dedicate 15 minutes to accomplish this task and then go back to your Sunday.

Bonus Tip: Scale beyond solo! One of the reasons you could be feeling those Sunday Scaries is that you're running your online business all by yourself - which means EVERYTHING has to be done by you. Talk about overwhelming!

To directly counteract that feeling, I've launched Scale Beyond Solo, my 3-month group mentorship program for ambitious entrepreneurs looking to scale their businesses beyond solo and level up in 2021. To learn more and submit your application, visit ScaleBeyondSolo.com.

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Former digital nomad now expat entrepreneur living in Mexico City
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